"The great thing about making videos with Leo, is that he is not only a really lovely guy to work with, but he also has an incredible array of skills. He does it all, great camera work, great editing, great audio recording but best of all he brings a sensitive musical intelligence to the process of filming musicians, so the end result is deeply satisfying on many levels." Helen Mountfort

"Leo was wonderful to work on with this project for the Brunswick Women's Choir. He was always sensitive and attentive to the scope, despite the fact that working with a large group is challenging. We are thrilled with the end result, and Leo's attention to detail, artistic intergrity and skillful craft is evident in the outcome." Cathy Nixon

"Leo Dale is a consummate professional and a very skillful video producer. We have worked together on a number of community projects and I have to commend him for the way he is able to put people at the ease even while he sets up video cameras, microphones and lights around them. Of course it is his editing, that then brings the material to life. He puts together a polished and professional whole - on time, on budget and on top!" Julian Silverman

"Leo did an incredible job shooting and editing the video for Township Jive. He was able to capture the very essence of the band and the vibe of the musicians. His images take me right there…into the heart of the performance." Ray Pereira

"The process of making the short video of Empty Coolamons was seamless. Leo's 'comfortably professional and efficient' working style was so reassuring, I knew my art-work was in safe hands. I enjoyed every minute." Robyne Latham

"Leo was a fantastic 'fly on the wall' during the recording of my latest solo album - unobtrusive, patient, supportive - simply capturing the moment and creating an online video I'm really proud of. Thank you Leo!" Andrea Keller

"Leo is such a pleasure to work with; both an artistic and a tech master. He is someone with the experience to finish a large project like this, yet he has the enthusiasm of a child and an undiminished love of doing good work." Simon Hewitt

"Leo Dale is a man of passion and dreams that could rattle the big TV stations." Garry Barker - the Age

"Thanks Leo for what you've done for us! Your insight, great care & light heartedness created a positive experience for all of us & produced a wonderful result!" Sue Scott - Yoga Jivana

"The shoot was fun, everything was delivered on time & budget. Leo was very helpful & clear in all aspects before, during, & after the production – we are well pleased with the result." Ian Birdwheel-Frights

"Beautifully captured by Leo Dale yet again! So good to have a simpatico musician at the helm when filming music in its true setting and with quality of sound. A treasure of our beloved Melbourne who is documenting our rich musical landscape for generations to come." Doug de Vries

"Leo filmed and edited a program evaluation for Out Doors Inc. From filming the interviews to editing the questions and compiling a 4min video, he was professional, communicative and always helped move the project forward to ensure we met our deadline. We are very happy with the final result and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Leo to other organisations." Carla McGlynn Marketing & Communication Manager, Out Doors Inc.

"Working with Leo has been a great experience; everything flows in the most easy way. He definitely knows his job and won't waste your time. I definitely recommend him." Armando Ornano

"It's great to work with Leo, because he has a deep understanding of visual as well as musical elements - what a relief to just leave it in his hands and know that the result will be a visually and musically satisfying experience." Wouter Kellerman

"I worked with Leo making 40 videos for Brunswick South West Primary. He has complete mastery over his equipment and is exceedingly clear on planning procedures. At the same time he is flexible when the need arises. I would have no hesitation in recommending him; a skilled artist and accomplished technician." David Joseph

"Leo makes the artist feel at ease, it's an effortless process. He's a joy to work with. To get a relaxed live version of the track in all its essence is his aim, as indeed was mine." David Bridie

"I have had great responses to the video made by Leo of my solo project 'Allotrope'. Many people have commented on the quality of both the visual and audio aspects of the piece and it is fantastic to have high resolution documentation of the work. Leo was great to work with during the recording and editing processes and I recommend him without reservation." Peter Knight

"Leo Dale is one of those rare fellows who can manage both the technical and the creative with aplomb. He's a pleasure to work with and understands the artists perspective, because he is one of us." Mikelangelo